Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blood Brushing Tongue Brushed My Tongue Too Hard, Gagged, And Blood?

Brushed my tongue too hard, gagged, and blood? - blood brushing tongue

This morning, I brush my teeth and began to brush your tongue, because my gag reflex go once and nothing happened. I did it again and left the gag reflex again harder and a little blood out, but overall not much, just a little. I Spit It Out, and it was. Of course, no intention to do it twice, just happened, and shook his tongue too hard. I do not have to cough blood, felt sick, or something like that .... Is this normal when you cough too hard when I went to my gag reflex?


Natalia R said...

because you do not often
must have a mouth very clean all the way back test to get used to the language, at a later date
If you have a hump on the back of the tongue, probably because you do not, Brush is back, and probably the reason for the bleeding

TK said...

It was covered with blood in the phlegm? If so, the blood probably came from the front. I would not worry much

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